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The Department of Sociology, Andaman College(ANCOL) was established in 2014 with an undergraduate programme. The Department is dedicated towards creating competent and socially sensitive Graduates through rigorous teaching/training programmes and extension activities. The curriculum lays emphasis on the teaching and learning of general concerns of Sociology as well as the issues of sociological significance in Andaman and Nicobar Islands which constitute a special focus of the teaching. A combination of participatory and creation pedagogy is used for transacting the curricula with a view of fostering dialogue, mutual learning and critical reflection.


To make an apex centre of Sociological knowledge to understand systematically and efficiently for constructing peaceful, prosperous moral humane society.


To impart theoretically effective, methodologically suitable and empirically deep rooted education with an interdisciplinary outlook.

Courses Offered
# Course Title No. of Seats
1 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology 33
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Ms.Jochibed Vincent HOD View more
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