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The department of music works on preserving and protecting the rich Indian Heritage, which is becoming abolished by the passage of time. The Indian traditional Art & Culture is vulnerable and endangered & can become History if not nurtured. Hindustani Classical Music is an integral part of Indian Music. We work on sustaining it over generations, developing creative thinking, artistic values and nourish the students into well mannered and cultured beings. Music is a medium to create emotional and traditional values within the students & to help them understand and express themselves.


Towards building of cultural character and ethics in youth and bringing more intimate relation with one another worldwide. To preserve the richness of Indian culture through practical training, patient & in-depth study and research. To give exposure to the raw talents which otherwise may get mislead and to develop the aesthetic sense in an individual. To develop practical knowledge of Indian Culture and Traditions and to promote it for the well being of our society, to build a better future and preserve the spirit of this ever existing path of spiritual bliss.


  1. To promote and preserve Indian Classical Music.
  2. To revive and nurture rich Indian Heritage and National treasure – Musical tradition.
  3. To enshrine the principle so learning through Guru-Shishya Parampara.
  4. To popularize the indigenous art form.
  5. To train an Individual culturally and musically so that he or she may become a great ambassador of our country on the world stage.

Courses Offered
# Course Title No. of Seats
1 Bachelor of Performing Arts (Music) 33
# Name Designation
Ms.Jochibed Vincent HOD View more
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