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The Department of Economics advocates to create an ambience so as to convert the human resource into human capital. An effort is made to inculcate moral values, discipline, proper behavior & manners, honesty, moral integrity, solidarity, indomitable courage, aesthetics, confidence, perfection, sustainability, perseverance, communicative skill, inter-personal skill, faculties for being able-bodied person, etc in order to be a complete personality so as to cater the needs towards nation building activities. The students are to be acquainted with logical exercise based on a process of reasoning in order to make them rational, pragmatic and independent.


To enhance employability with a view to participate in economic activities for the construction of vibrant India.


Man is combination of both body-mind-intellect complex or BMI complex and the self. The BMI complex and the self both are to be nurtured

Courses Offered
# Course Title No. of Seats
1 Bachelor of Arts in Economics 66
# Name Designation
Dr.Uday Shankar Banerjee Assistant Professor (Contract),Department Incharge View more
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