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In modern business scenario we need a Skill, Knowledgeable and Multi-personality Human resources. Our Indian economic system is a mix-up of Globalization, liberalization and privatization has brought to the fore several issues pertaining to business, trade and Commerce raising larger issues of international trade and business mobility. This department is a multi minded focus on exposing the student to current, relevant and critical issues in the regional, national and international business system so that the young generation can be ready themselves to face the challenges and survive anywhere with great confidence. The aim of the Business administration department is to ignite the young minds to role and utilize the various resources available in our island and country in justice, truth and love. It fosters an atmosphere of intellectual vigor and moral rectitude in which the youth of our islands may find their fulfillment and achieve greatness as eminent men and women of service in the corporate world. The development and growth of company form of business organizations all over the world paved the way for change in commerce education curriculum into different specialized subjects and courses. In this regard, we strive hard to meet this by consistently and concisely undertake coordinative works to form the students as competent, committed, critical, creative and competitive intellectuals of modern corporate world. The department specially offers subjects on research methodology, Accounting for manager, Industrial training field study, Taxation business management, Marketing management, Banking and Fiancé system, Business statistics and analyses.


To achieve superiority in all aspects of business education with a view to generate business opportunities in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and uplifting the Islands with particular emphasis on SILVER-sustainability, innovation, leading , valuable, Environmental and responsibility.


To nurture and develop dynamic business thinkers and future managers through high-quality training and practical exposures in order to gain knowledge and skills in all spheres of management and transform them into intellectually business professionals.

Courses Offered
# Course Title No. of Seats Core Electives
1 Bachelor of Business Administration 33  
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K.Selvakumar Assistant Professor (Contract),Department Incharge View more
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